As a gift to the community, Candice has developed several free seminars that are designed to educate parents about the various issues surrounding estate planning. If you are interested in having Candice speak to your group on any of these topics, or if you have a suggestion for a topic that your group would like to hear about, please contact her office, at (503) 235-5150.

Getting Your Ducks in a Row™: Estate planning for parents
This is a seminar for parents who are new to estate planning and want to learn about how they can best protect their families, should the unthinkable happen. Learn the 9 Common Planning Mistakes That Parents Make, and more.

Choosing Your Village™: Selecting a guardian for your kids
This is a workshop for parents who are ready for estate planning, but are stumped about how to select a guardian. Learn about common mistakes in choosing guardians, and then go through Candice’s unique selection process to choose your guardians.

Life Letters™: Using a pen and paper to pass on your true wealth
This is a workshop for parents who want to pass on more than just material wealth. Learn about the program that Candice developed for her clients, so that they can pass on all of their most important values.

Knight & Day: The difference between will- and trust-based plans
This is a seminar based on the fictional Knight and Day families. One family leaves its estate to the kids, while the other leaves its estate to a trust that benefits the kids. Find out which family wins!

Golf & Grandkids: Planning for a secure retirement
This is a seminar for people who are thinking about starting a retirement plan or becoming more aggressive with their retirement plan. Learn about the best ways to save for retirement, the traps to avoid, and more.