Step One: The Family Treasures Information Session

This session is critical to being able to get all the information you need to start your planning with your eyes wide open. In this session, we get to know one another and discuss your "Family Treasures" - your loved ones and your hard-earned assets. We will give you an assessment and recommendation based on our analysis of your situation, and you will make a decision on how to proceed. There is no obligation to move forward with us to do your planning. To set up this appointment, you can call our office at (503) 235-5150 or email Candice directly at This meeting lasts up to two hours and costs $350.00; we will credit that amount against any planning you go forward with. Because we only take a limited number of appointments each month, we will need a credit card to secure your appointment. We will not charge your credit card unless you cancel your appointment without giving us a week's notice and without rescheduling.

Step Two: The Design Meeting

At the Design Meeting, we go through and design what your plan is going to look like. This step can often be taken during the Family Treasures Information Session. When we are dealing with a complex estate, we may schedule a Second Planning Session for about 2-4 weeks after the Family Treasures Information Session.

Step Three: The Signing Meeting

We will sign all of your documents and go over them with you about 4-6 weeks after your Initial Planning Session. At this point, you will not leave with anything, but if something should happen to you, your family would be protected and they could contact our office to view the plan and assist with closing your estate. After this meeting our office will assemble the documents and have them scanned and into our mutual cloud file for your convenience.

Step Four: The Final Meeting

We will meet about 4 weeks after the Signing Meeting to give you your Estate Planning materials and discuss any further questions you might have. If you choose to do so, we will record your Family Treasures recording, which helps you to pass on your true wealth - all of your values, insights, and precious memories - to your family.

Step Five: The Rest of Your Life

Because we want our clients to have plans in place that work, we offer our clients a free Estate Plan Review every three years. Things change, and busy families can forget to take steps to protect themselves, so the review is necessary to secure your initial investment. We encourage our clients to subscribe to our Facebook page to receive news and updates.

Step Six: For the Client Who Needs More

Many of our clients wanted more, and we responded! We developed our Family Treasures VIP Membership because our clients wanted affordable access to their Family's Attorney for all of life's legal issues that arise. We don't know when you'll need an attorney or why you'll need and attorney, but when you do, we'll be there to guide you.