Hi, I'm Candice, and I'm a Mom and a Lawyer. I believe that Estate Planning is the most important planning you can ever do for your family, and I want you to know why I feel that way.

I'm passionate about protecting kids from failed plans, because when I was two-and-a-half years old, my own mother was killed in a car accident, and she didn't have a plan in place. The lack of planning resulted in guardianship and money issues, but the worst part for me is that my mother didn't leave behind anything that told me who she was, what she wanted for me, or what motherhood was like for her. I was adopted by the wonderful parents I have today, but they didn't know my mother. Since I've become a mother, I can't help but wonder what she would have wanted. We'll never know because she didn't have a plan. This is unfathomable to me as a mother; I always want my voice to be heard in what happens to my kids!

I grew up in beautiful Kailua, Hawaii, and moved to Portland in 2006. I have two amazing daughters, Tania and Talula, and they are everything to me. I can't imagine not having my voice heard in their lives.

My kids teach me incredible lessons about life, and bring me joy I could never have imagined. When Tania was born 16 years ago, her strong and independent spirit made me realize my career ambitions. I wanted to make her proud and show her that she could be anything that she wanted to be. That's why I went to law school and became a lawyer.

I attended University of Hawaii's William S. Richardson School of Law. Law school was an incredibly thrilling challenge, and I'll be forever proud of the accomplishments that I achieved there. I was selected to be a member of the prestigious Hawaii Law Review and was also selected to be a Senior Associate at the Law School Writing Center.

When Talula was born 9 years ago, her sweet Mama-loving spirit made me realize that I had to reconcile my career ambitions with my desires as a wife and mother. I started my firm because I wanted to work with families like mine who want the best in life for their kids, and because I wanted my kids to be able to spend time at my office, seeing what I do and getting love and hugs whenever they wanted them.

Aside from my family and my practice, I enjoy hiking, connecting with my neighborhood through a Facebook group I started, and hanging out with my social running group at least once a week. I also volunteer for Yellow Brick Road, a non-profit branch of Janus Youth that does street outreach to homeless youth.

I strive to be a trusted advisor to my clients, guiding them through a lifetime of decisions. I help my clients to preserve their family treasures and pass on all of their values, making sure that their voices are always heard. I hope that I can help you to preserve all that you have and to have a voice in who raises your kids and how they are raised, no matter what happens in life.


To your family's health & prosperity,