Aiston Law LLC is a boutique estate planning law firm located in Portland, Oregon. Most of our clients come to us from direct referrals of other clients, and we can assure you that you will love your experience with us so much that you will want to refer all of your friends and family here as well!

Candice's approach to planning comes from her experience as a Mom trying to plan her own estate. She found that on one end of the spectrum, there were firms that catered mainly to the extremely wealthy or to the elderly (and there's definitely a need for those firms). On the other end of the spectrum, there were companies out there that wanted to sell a will for a few hundred bucks and never talk to the client ever again. She couldn't find a firm or a lawyer who was catering to growing families, and as a mother, she had so many questions! (That's what happens when a Mom goes to law school!)

Who should I choose to be the guardian? If the guardian doesn't live nearby, what would happen to my kids in the meantime? How can I make sure that my kids would be raised the way I want them to be raised? Will my guardian have immediate access to money to care for my kids? Will there be enough money for my kids to be happy and successful in life? How can I make sure that if something happens to me, my family knows how much they mean to me? What can I do to make things as easy as possible for my family? What if I need to update my plan? What if I have to call with a question? Will each question cost me?

Candice set out to answer all of those questions, and the Aiston Law LLC was born.

To understand Candice's approach to planning, you have to understand that the way many people approach estate planning is problematic. Read More...